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Coaching Websites 

As basketball makes more and more use of technology some fantastic resources have been developed.


Here are a few of the most useful sites we have found:

  • Jr. NBA Site – 48 separate practice plans, along with detailed drill instructions and videos. Suitable for use with miniball players, right through to senior High School players

  • World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC) – Read through the various curriculums and their content for coaches, players, and managers in Europe and other FIBA accredited countries (including NZ). This includes miniball and Levels 1,2, and 3

  • Cleaning the Glass – Delves in to some NBA questions, and explores why certain actions/types of player or more successful than others

  • ACC SportsSmart – Find out more about the SportSmart Warm up programme to optimise performance and keep injury free.

  • Balance is Better  – a Sport New Zealand website with up to date information on best practice in coaching junior athletes

  • Basketball Immersion Podcasts – a website that provides thought provoking, detailed podcasts with coaches from all over the globe

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