The Southland Basketball Association A Grade League is our premiere open league for the top basketball teams and players in the region. It runs around April - August each year, on Tuesday nights at ILT Stadium Southland, beginning with game times ranging from 6PM - 9PM.

Entries for the 2020 League are open. Please email Michelle if you would like added to the contact list or for more information.


Local Leagues: COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 SBA competitions are currently all suspended. Now that Level 2 has been announced we will be working hard over the next weeks to get everyone back on court. Stay with us – league details will be updated as soon as we can.

Click year for full awards list


  • 2018            Men's A Winner: Turbos                          Men's B Winner:  JHC 1st V                           Women's Winner: Paws at Rest

  • 2017           Men's A Winner: Thundercats               Men's B Winner: Young Bucks                     Women's Winner: Kelvin Hotel Rogues

  • 2016​            Men's Winner: Thundercats                  Women's Winner: Paws at Rest

  • 2015            Men's Winner: Titans                              Women's Winner: Lone Star Storm

  • 2014            Men's Winner: AWS Thundercats        Women's Winner: Lone Star Rogues

  • 2013            Men's Winner: The Boltz                        Women's Winner: Kat's Brats

  • 2012            Men's Winner: RP Vikings                      Women's Winner: Kat's Brats

  • 2011            Men's Winner: NT Vikings                      Women's Winner: JHC 1st V Girls

  • 2010            Men's Winner: Glengarry Pirates        Women's Winner: Kat's Brats


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