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BBNZ Kiwi Hoops is a Basketball New Zealand junior basketball program. It uses basketball activities and games to provide fun and enjoyable learning and participation experiences for young people from 5 to 13 years of age.


BBNZ Kiwi Hoops is based on modified games and activities that provide fun and success for everyone. It’s designed to meet the needs of young players while keeping the essence of the game.


The program aims to introduce basketball to young Kiwis, helping them to foster a love for the game, develop skills and access pathways for continued development in the sport. 

It provides coaches, teachers, parents, volunteers and administrators with a systematic and consistent approach to the development of players. Most importantly, it is great fun for everyone!

The structure, focus and format changes at each stage based on the developmental needs of the players. Most importantly, it is great fun for everyone!

Kiwi Hoops is divided into 4 age groups listed below, 


- Kiwihoops - Bounce (Years 1 & 2) Wednesdays 4:00pm - 4:45 pm

- Kiwihoops - Mini (Years 3 & 4) Wednesdays 4:50pm - 5:35 pm

- Kiwihoops - Pro (Years 5 & 6) Mondays 4:00pm - 4:45 pm

- Kiwihoops - All Star  (Years 7 & 8)  Mondays 4:50pm - 5:35 pm

Sessions will run for 6 weeks throughout each school term of the year, note that term 3 will only run Bounce and Mini classes as our U14 program conflicts with these classes and court space is scarce.


All sessions will be held at ILT Stadium Southland

Dates:  12/02/2024 to 27/03/2024 (Dates can vary due to court space)

Cost: $75.00 per child  

To Register click on the links to the right

If you have any questions please email


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