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Southland Basketball


SBA Mouthguard Policy

Basketball is a dynamic game in which the body can be put under enormous stress. Based on data from ACC, dental claims related to injuries sustained to the teeth and mouth have risen in the last five years as more people play basketball.

These injuries can be reduced by having a Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) policy to make mouthguards compulsory for all age grade competitions (under 19’s and below) under BBNZ’s control (this includes all affiliated associations). The BBNZ Mouthguard Policy is the minimum standard to be applied to advance the welfare of players. Associations, Clubs, Teams and Schools are reminded that they have a duty of care to enforce the BBNZ Mouthguard Policy.

Mouthguards are now compulsory for the 2016 SBA Miniball League. No Mouthguard - No Play policy will be firmly enforced.

SBA have mouthguards availble for purchase at our office at ILT Stadium Southland.

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