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Junior 3x3

3x3 for Years 3&4

What is 3x3?

3x3 (pronounced 3 ex 3) basketball is the number one urban team sport in the world with over 250 million players worldwide and ranked among the most played recreational sports on the planet. 

3x3 basketball is increasingly becoming an important influence in the development of basketball worldwide. In June 2017, 3x3 was officially announced as a new Olympic sport and will debut at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

As such Southland Basketball is eager to provide an opportunity for our players to play the game and is organising the year 3&4 3x3 competiton.

Why Play 3x3?

SBA is committed to providing a fun experience on the court while providing the best possible development of players so that the play the game of basketball for longer/sustained periods of time (ie from childhood into adulthood). It is recognized that we need to deliver smaller sided games that allows for players to explore and develop their skills in a way that is more fun and will lead to better game play.

By playing 3x3 the players have/get/exerience:

• More touches. Fewer players on the court means each player will receive more touches of the ball 
• Easier decision making as less crowding 
• More opportunities to score 
• Increased spacing = more creativity 
• Involves all players 
• Breaks the game down into chunks 
• Eliminates defensive presses 
• More room to teach players when to use a skill Ultimately, when kids learn the game and skills develop we will retain these players as they get older as they will continue to play the game. 
• More FUN!

How is 3x3 played?          

Traditionally 3x3 is played on a half court, 1 hoop, 2 teams, 3 players per team (and up to two substitutes) and no coach on court.

Coaches or instructors have a role in helping in preparing for competitions or raising skill level of players.

In this competition we will have portable hoops at half way so that teams will be able to have a hoop to score on each, rather than sharing the same hoop.

Term 4 Competition Details

DATES                   15, 22, 29 October and 5 Nov.

TIME                     4:00 – 6:00pm

VENUE                  ILT Stadium Southland

AGE GROUP         Years 3 & 4 (in 2020)

COST                     $20 per player

While we will keep a score for each game, there will not be any points tables for wins or losses as the focus for this "competition" is to have fun, learn and develop new skills.

Each team will have two games each night. Each game is 8 mins long. Preceeding the first game of each round, as a warm up, all teams will be given a drill or drills to increase skills. This will be led by our Development Officer Leyton Haddleton - Parents will be required to assist

Who can register?

You can enter as part of a team or as an individual and we will put you in a team




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